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Los Altos Hills Infinity Pool

The striking views of this hillside held amazing potential.  Our responsibility was to respect the natural beauty while creating an inviting, livable space. We conceived an infinity edge pool, spa, patios, walls, trellis and gardens to make it work.  

Before. Note Center Oak Tree

After, Same View

Hillside Pool, Los Altos Hills 

This steep rear yard offered only a 10' wide deck across the back wall.  Our careful layout with extensive terracing provides multiple outdoor rooms with an infinity edge pool, patios, planters, BBQ, fireplace and play areas comfortably nestled into the hillside.  A custom iron twig railing helps it blend into the textures of the Oak-studded hillside.  

Entry Gardens, Los Altos Hills

This front yard was dominated by excess paving.  We sculpted it back to greatly increase the gardens while retaining functionality.  A detailed, craftsman style trellis with custom iron work delineates the entryway and softens the wall.

Driveway Garden, Palo Alto

The original driveway to the rear garage spanned from fence to house, but was also integral to the rear gardens. Minimalist runners provided planting space while offering relief from the excess paving.

Entry Gardens, San Mateo

This lovely home was desperate for a gracious entry. The Clients wanted usable space to enjoy their gardens and neighborhood.  We terraced the gradual slope while a small patio with fountain offers structure and an inviting focal point.  

Rear Garden, San Mateo

The sloping lawn sent errant soccer balls under the deck.  We re-graded, and added low retaining walls and the patio in the foreground.

Entry Garden, Woodside

The driveway on this beautifully wooded site came almost to the house, leaving little room for an inviting entry garden, while the front path was crowded by an old wood wall.  By relocating the driveway further up the hillside, we reclaimed space for a generous front garden.  A curving stair from the guest parking sweeps down through the gardens past a waterfall and small pond at the front porch.

Entry Garden, Woodside

An unrealized hillside becomes an elegant entry garden.   Same project, looking back as viewed from front door.  The curving stairway descends from the new upper parking area around the waterfall and pond (on right) to the front door.  Note the center pine tree on left side for reference.

Rear Gardens, Woodside

Same project.  A dilapidated deck and awkward elevation changes divided the area.  We created terraced patios, stone steps and planters and accented with a small waterfall.

Hill Top Garden, Saratoga

The '70's era pool with brick planter and junipers connected to the house via an underwhelming stairway, while too much paving provided little usable space for gathering. We divided the area into a series of interrelated 'rooms' at various levels to provide generous space and interest while retaining intimacy.

Entry Garden and Driveway, Los Altos

This home lacked an inviting entry, the garden relegated to a narrow border around the lawn. We added a low stone wall and entry garden at the street.  The arbor welcomes visitors, who now stroll through the garden, wall and lawn on their way to the front door. 

Front Entry, Los Altos Hills

This contemporary residence lacked a gracious entry and had an awkward front porch.  We gave the porch new columns and finishes and reconfigured the path away from the garage.  Generous stone steps and terracing create a welcoming approach through the garden.  

Whole-House Remodel & Gardens

This ranch house had an entry crowded into a dark corner.  The entirely re-imagined facade features an airy porch that greets visitors with a walk through a colorful, low-maintenance, water-wise garden.  Stone details in the garden connect it to the architecture of the house.

Terraced Rear Gardens, Los Altos Hills

Relocated stairs through new retaining walls lead to pool and patio with new arbor for shade, while colorful, water-wise plants provide year-round interest with minimal maintenance.

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